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Trewin Title Transfers is an independently owned and operated Settlement Agency which is located in Morley.

Trewin Title Transfers specialises in Residential, Commercial and Strata Property Settlements for anyone buying or selling property in Western Australia.

Other services we provide are:
  • First Home Buyers Settlements
  • Vacant Land Settlements
  • New Title Applications -
    A title is lost or destroyed
  • Strata Title Applications -
    Subdividing property or amalgamating adjoining properties
  • Survivorship Applications -
    Application for a surviving joint tenant (e.g. husband / wife) to be registered as the existing owner
  • Deceased Estate Transfers -
    Application to register the Executor or Administrator on the title to enable them to deal with the land
  • Title Change Name and/or Address on Certificate of Title -
    If you have married, changed your name by deed poll or changed your address
  • Family and Related Party Transfers -
    Transfer of property between family members or a friend
  • Private Sale Contracts -
    Preparing Offer and Acceptance contract for owners selling privately

Kim Trewin is the Licensee and Principal with over 18 years experience in the industry, working in Real Estate, Law and Settlements, has the skills, knowledge and expertise to make a difference.

If you require more information about the services we offer please contact our office on (08) 9275 1555 or by email to

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